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October 16, 2008

Here’s my version of the chords for “Cariñito.”  I’m totally open to suggestions for improvement.

(Amazon link to the performance by Los Hijos del sol)

C             Am         F       G      C
Lloro por quererte, por amarte y por desearte.
G      C     G      C
¡Ay cariño! ¡Ay mi vida!
C           Am        F        G   C
Nunca, pero nunca me abandones cariñito.
[insert psychedelic solo]

G      C     G      C
¡Ay cariño! ¡Ay mi vida!
C           Am        F        G   C
Nunca, pero nunca me abandones cariñito.
G      C     G      C
No me abandones cariñito.


August 10, 2008

I just returned from climbing three classic Sierra peaks with Julian. It was great, and you can check-out my Flickr media here:

. . .plus a short detour to the Travertine Hot Springs.

Not dead

June 28, 2008

Hey, I returned from another great trek around Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. I covered over a hundred miles and I saw no one for more than a week. You can view my photojournal here.

a photograph of a wildflower called Indian Painbrush

Guerilla Art

June 3, 2008

In case you missed this on Wooster, watch this (presumed) documentary about Ztohoven:

Ztohoven – Znásilněné Podvědomí from Míra Sláva on Vimeo.


May 15, 2008

Old memories, awesome

January 13, 2008

(This image comes from  Published in this article)

Five art-related blogs. . .

December 6, 2007

. . . which I recently learned about, are listed below. Peter says everyone-in-the-know has been reading (and loving) these blogs for years, which proves that I live in a solipsistic bubble of science, spiritual transcendentalism, and Stevie Wonder cover songs.

Here are the blogs:

  1. Boing Boing : a “directory of wonderful things”
  2. “We Make Money, Not Art”: art, design, media, and a nomadic computer scientist.
  3. Warren Ellis
  4. Beyond the Beyond: by Bruce Sterling.  This blog also includes a healthy dose of scientific futurism.
  5. The Wooster Collective: a celebration of street art.  To my credit, I’ve been reading the WC for a while, but only recently added it to Google Reader.

Summer 2007 R.I.P.

September 9, 2007

The Boothe family was trekking through Kings Canyon National Park, while I was climbing with friends in LeConte Canyon. I rendezvoused with the Boothes in Big Pete Meadow, and we spent two days returning to civilization via Bishop Pass. Click here for photographs. Highlights include:

Swimming at 11,388 feet:

A gnarly climb above LeConte Canyon:

A birthday celebration for Boothe Senior:


Notes on Round Top Peak 10,381′

September 3, 2007

Kari and I enjoyed Labor Day in the Mokelumne Wilderness. Click the image below for more photographs:

Obscure notes for the future:

  • There are two trailheads: Woods Lake and Carson Pass. The trail from Woods Lake is slightly shorter, but the trail from Carson Pass requires less climbing.
  • Winnemucca Lake has plenty of camping spots, but the sites look heavily used. I think Round Top Lake has better (and more secluded) camping.
  • The best swimming spots are along Lake Winnemucca’s west shore.
  • The final climb to the summit is class-3 rock scramble.  This climb can be scary, especially with strong wind.

Blog Day 2007

August 31, 2007

Apparently today is Blog Day, a day in which we write about five new/favorite blogs.

In no particular order:

(1) “The Tree of Life” by Jonathan Eisen. Jonathan is on faculty at UC Davis, researching evolutionary biology. He recently co-authored this textbook, which I’m currently reading (and very much enjoying).

(2) PLoS Computational Biology. This isn’t really a blog, per se. Actually, it’s just the RSS feed for the journal of the ISCB. So why did I pick this “blog”? Answer: The Public Library of Science (PLoS) is a great example of open-access research. Because PLoS is open-access, I can read scientific publications FOR FREE in Google Reader, instead of paying monthly/annual subscriptions.

(3) “Imbibable: the world’s most comprehensive beverage review source”, by Abi Jones. Abi’s latest consumer blog is basically hilarious. Abi has a talent for combining practical consumer information with witty humor. Other Abi Jones projects include: Heat Eat Review, The Impulse Buy, and Stupid Wedding Crap.

(4) “A Softer World”. Sometimes humorous, sometimes painful, always inventive.

(5) “TracyFood”, by Tracy van Cort. Tracy cooks delicious food, and writes about it.

Enjoy. Happy Blog Day 2007.