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I (heart) Mexico

January 8, 2009

Thanks to Lorenzo for the dramatic interpretation.


Seen on the streets of Mexico City

January 4, 2009

“este amor no es para cobardes”

Guerilla Art

June 3, 2008

In case you missed this on Wooster, watch this (presumed) documentary about Ztohoven:

Ztohoven – Znásilněné Podvědomí from Míra Sláva on Vimeo.

Music from the Cat Haus

June 1, 2008

Some friends were traveling and briefly entrusted me with the epicurean welfare of Otis and Iggy Pop. These same friends also have a not-crappy piano, which I extensively used. Here are some MP3 files. Please excuse the high-frequency noise from the refrigerator, and the occasional cat meow.

(1) Mozart Piano Sonata in F Major, K 332, opening movement

(2) “Alpenglow” from “The Sierra Cycle,” one piece from my six-part piano suite

(3) 5:27 of controlled chaos

These noise machines. . .

April 18, 2008

. . . need tuning, but making noise is so much fun.

MP3 file (8.8 MB): piano

MP3 file (1.7 MB): guitar and such

Five art-related blogs. . .

December 6, 2007

. . . which I recently learned about, are listed below. Peter says everyone-in-the-know has been reading (and loving) these blogs for years, which proves that I live in a solipsistic bubble of science, spiritual transcendentalism, and Stevie Wonder cover songs.

Here are the blogs:

  1. Boing Boing : a “directory of wonderful things”
  2. “We Make Money, Not Art”: art, design, media, and a nomadic computer scientist.
  3. Warren Ellis
  4. Beyond the Beyond: by Bruce Sterling.  This blog also includes a healthy dose of scientific futurism.
  5. The Wooster Collective: a celebration of street art.  To my credit, I’ve been reading the WC for a while, but only recently added it to Google Reader.