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Bach’s Well-Tempered Klavier Prelude #1, with deconstruction

April 1, 2009

“Bach’s Well-Tempered Klavier Prelude #1, with deconstruction” (MP3 8.8MB)


Ed Jackson, RIP

November 6, 2008

Back in 2003-2005, I lived in the Marion Apartments on Seattle’s Capital Hill.  I remember loving that apartment.  It seemed like *everything* we needed was just a few blocks away, our huge balcony overlooked Bellevue & Pine, and our neighbors were super groovy.  I also remember Ed Jackson was an awesome building manager.

You can read the tragic story here:

Porlolo @ Stonehenge

October 23, 2008

Erin invited Jon (on violin) and me (on keys) to play a set with her at Stonehenge, in Eugene OR.  Later on, we heard sets from Desolation Wilderness and Lake.  Erin convinced the drummer from D.L. and the horn section from Lake to join us on a few songs.  It was awesome fun, and you can check-out some (rather abstract) photos by clicking on the photo below here: