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a video postcard

June 27, 2009


August 10, 2008

I just returned from climbing three classic Sierra peaks with Julian. It was great, and you can check-out my Flickr media here:

. . .plus a short detour to the Travertine Hot Springs.

Not dead

June 28, 2008

Hey, I returned from another great trek around Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. I covered over a hundred miles and I saw no one for more than a week. You can view my photojournal here.

a photograph of a wildflower called Indian Painbrush

Notes on Deception Butte, OR

April 26, 2008

Deception Butte, Oregon, Willamette National Forest
Mileage: maybe 7 miles round trip?
Elevation gain: 2500 feet
On 04/26/2008, the roundtrip hike took 4 hours.

Obscure notes for the future:

1. The trailhead can be hard to find. . .

The map says: the trail starts on the north side of Deception Creek.

I say: the trailhead is actually on the south side of the creek.  It looks like the trail was recently re-routed.  Here are updated directions: coming from Eugene on Highway 58, drive over the Deception Creek bridge, past the Deception Creek trailer park, and turn right onto Deception Creek road. Drive about 50 yards to the trailhead, which looks like this:

2. The first mile follows the river; its easy and groovy. After crossing a wooden bridge at the river fork, the trail starts seriously climbing. Parts were super slippery with snow and mud; I regret not bring trekking poles.

3. The summit is densely forested and the views are anticlimactic. For better views with less work, check-out Mount June.

Summer 2007 R.I.P.

September 9, 2007

The Boothe family was trekking through Kings Canyon National Park, while I was climbing with friends in LeConte Canyon. I rendezvoused with the Boothes in Big Pete Meadow, and we spent two days returning to civilization via Bishop Pass. Click here for photographs. Highlights include:

Swimming at 11,388 feet:

A gnarly climb above LeConte Canyon:

A birthday celebration for Boothe Senior:


Coming up for air, #3

August 5, 2007

I spent the night on Clouds Rest with Isaac. Sunset was sublime; Sunrise was transcendent. For more photos, click this image:

Obscure notes for the future:

  • There is good camping along the final ridge to the summit. There is also good camping on the summit itself.
  • Before the summit, the last water source is about 1/4 mile after “the pond.”
  • The summit can be windy – bring a windscreen for the stove.

Coming up for air, #2

May 30, 2007

Hooray for good weather. Hooray for USFS wilderness. Hooray for self-enforced sabbath.

Obscure notes for the future (about Lowder Mountain):

  • At the trailhead, make sure to go RIGHT. The leftside trail leads down French Pete Creek.
  • The junction to the summit is really obvious. Wait until the junction instead of short-cutting up the ridge.
  • The summit is huge, with plenty of campspots.

Coming up for air

May 15, 2007

I just returned from a quick overnight trip to the Three Sisters Wilderness. The highlights are: I slept on a mountaintop; the stargazing was incredible; I had several epiphanies about my thesis project.

Obscure notes for the future:

  1. Good campsites are found on the ridge west of the fire lookout.
  2. Trail 3324 and 3323 both lead to the top. 3324 is the direct route, but its steep. 3323 is the long route (along the creek), but the grade is mellow.
  3. Both trails are overgrown with bracken. . . which is like walking through a cheese grater.
  4. Trail 3323 does not have many (or any) flat spots for camping