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further audio experiments with Edirol R-09

September 15, 2009

1. Improvisation April 5th, 2009 – MP3 (4.3 Mb)

. . . walking along the Opal Creek with Tarantula.

2. Improvisation September 15th, 2009 – MP3 (5.8 Mb)

. . . Here is some new music I made, using a Korg X50 music synthesizer, a Peavey TKO(tm) 65, and recorded on an Edirol R-09.


new short fiction

April 21, 2009

San Francisco author Kerry Donoghue recently published her story “The Hungry” on the Fiction Circus.  She asked me to create an audio version of the story, which you can listen to here:

“The Hungry” by Kerry Donoghue, music by Victor Hanson-Smith, 44:03