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ART version 1.4

August 6, 2007

A new version of ART (an ancestral reconstruction tool) is available for release. This software package is a labor of love, and lately consumes my “spare” time. I have big plans for ART (including a web interface and visualization tools), but in the meantime this project is stable and functional.

What does ART do?

  • ART wraps CodeML into an easier-to-use and error-safe tool.
  • ART calculates the maximum a posteriori (MAP) ancestor. The MAP concept is a new statistical practice currently being developed in Joe Thornton’s lab.
  • ART manages your phylogenetic reconstruction projects in a SQL database.

Introduction to Computational Proteomics, latest issue of PLoS

August 1, 2007

Here is a TERRIFIC article in the recent issue of PLoS:

“Introduction to Computational Proteomics” by Jacques Colinge and Keiryn L. Bennett.

I like this article because it summarizes a large body of research, and it’s written for a non-CompBio audience. Introductory articles in CompBio are rare. Well-written introductory articles are even rarer. Enjoy.

A milestone, or something like it.

June 13, 2007

My masters thesis. . .
“The APECS Portal: Towards a collaborative neuroscience repository”