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Seen on the streets of Mexico City

January 4, 2009

“este amor no es para cobardes”



May 15, 2008

The Power of Myth

August 21, 2007

Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) was a living encyclopedia of world mythology.  He is best known for “The Hero with a Thousand Faces,” “The Masks of God,” and other writing.  Campbell’s work illuminates the spiritual common-ground between all world religions.  As Joseph Campbell said, “if you want to understand Jesus, you have to go beyond Jesus.  If you want to understand Buddha, you have to go beyond Buddha. . . ”

Before Campbell’s death, he filmed six conversations with Bill Moyers.  The episodes (linked below) were aired on PBS.  If you don’t have six hours to spare, my favorite episodes are #4 and #6.  Enjoy.

Episode 1 of 6: introduction

Episode 2 of 6: the message of the myth

Episode 3 of 6: the first storytellers

Episode 4 of 6: sacrifice and bliss

Episode 5 of 6: love and the goddess

Episode 6 of 6: masks of eternity

ART version 1.4

August 6, 2007

A new version of ART (an ancestral reconstruction tool) is available for release. This software package is a labor of love, and lately consumes my “spare” time. I have big plans for ART (including a web interface and visualization tools), but in the meantime this project is stable and functional.

What does ART do?

  • ART wraps CodeML into an easier-to-use and error-safe tool.
  • ART calculates the maximum a posteriori (MAP) ancestor. The MAP concept is a new statistical practice currently being developed in Joe Thornton’s lab.
  • ART manages your phylogenetic reconstruction projects in a SQL database.