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Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 2009

January 13, 2009

The 2009 Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing ended last week; Apparently, it was awesome. I couldn’t attend this year. . . but next year?

Although the party is over, the media remains. Here are some compelling links:

The Official PSB 2009 webpage

The official PSB 2009 conference proceedings

The PSB FriendFeed room

Also, it looks like there was a cool workshop on open science.


I (heart) Mexico

January 8, 2009

Thanks to Lorenzo for the dramatic interpretation.

“The life of Siddhartha in two acts”

January 7, 2009

mixed media on salvaged canvas:

a photograph of the painting[/caption]

a detailed photograph of the painting[/caption]

Seen on the streets of Mexico City

January 4, 2009

“este amor no es para cobardes”

Band Practice

December 9, 2008

Jon’s awesome photo skills versus Porlolo:

new music

November 27, 2008

Here are two tracks I recorded with GarageBand. The first track is a multi-track project, with some mixed-in ambient sounds I captured at a festival in Oregon.

“The Reflection of June” (MP3, 4.5 MB)

“Piano Improvisation on November 8th, 2008” (MP3, 21 MB)

Ed Jackson, RIP

November 6, 2008

Back in 2003-2005, I lived in the Marion Apartments on Seattle’s Capital Hill.  I remember loving that apartment.  It seemed like *everything* we needed was just a few blocks away, our huge balcony overlooked Bellevue & Pine, and our neighbors were super groovy.  I also remember Ed Jackson was an awesome building manager.

You can read the tragic story here:

Porlolo @ Stonehenge

October 23, 2008

Erin invited Jon (on violin) and me (on keys) to play a set with her at Stonehenge, in Eugene OR.  Later on, we heard sets from Desolation Wilderness and Lake.  Erin convinced the drummer from D.L. and the horn section from Lake to join us on a few songs.  It was awesome fun, and you can check-out some (rather abstract) photos by clicking on the photo below here:


October 16, 2008

Here’s my version of the chords for “Cariñito.”  I’m totally open to suggestions for improvement.

(Amazon link to the performance by Los Hijos del sol)

C             Am         F       G      C
Lloro por quererte, por amarte y por desearte.
G      C     G      C
¡Ay cariño! ¡Ay mi vida!
C           Am        F        G   C
Nunca, pero nunca me abandones cariñito.
[insert psychedelic solo]

G      C     G      C
¡Ay cariño! ¡Ay mi vida!
C           Am        F        G   C
Nunca, pero nunca me abandones cariñito.
G      C     G      C
No me abandones cariñito.

Evolutionary Computation: literature reviews

October 13, 2008

Here are two good overview articles on evolutionary computation.  The first article is more recent and is targeted primarily at computer scientists; the second article is slightly outdated and targeted primarily at ecologists.

“Evolutionary Computation in Bioinformatics: A Review” Sankar K. Pal et al., IEEE Transactions 2006

“Evolutionary Computation: An Overview” Melanie Mitchell and Charles E. Taylor, Ecology and Systematics 1999