lost in translation


Sometimes Google Translate produces less-than-optimal results.  Here is how “Everything that Rises must Converge” (the title of a book by Flannery O’Connor) becomes “You grow all the convergence criteria.”

original English title: Everything that Rises must Converge

English to Russian: Все, что рост должен сходиться (all that growth should converge)

Russian to Hebrew: הכל חייב להפגש הצומחת

Hebrew to Japanese: すべてが収束する必要があります育つ (I think: you need to grow up all the convergence?)

Japanese to German: Sie müssen erwachsen werden alle Konvergenzkriterien (you need to grow up all the convergence criteria)

German to Arabic: عليك يكبر جميع معايير التقارب

Arabic to French: Vous grandir tous les critères de convergence

French to English: You grow all the convergence criteria


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One Response to “lost in translation”

  1. Kynthia Says:

    introducing translation telephone.
    best new way to kill time with an iphone at parties.

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