Notes on Deception Butte, OR


Deception Butte, Oregon, Willamette National Forest
Mileage: maybe 7 miles round trip?
Elevation gain: 2500 feet
On 04/26/2008, the roundtrip hike took 4 hours.

Obscure notes for the future:

1. The trailhead can be hard to find. . .

The map says: the trail starts on the north side of Deception Creek.

I say: the trailhead is actually on the south side of the creek.  It looks like the trail was recently re-routed.  Here are updated directions: coming from Eugene on Highway 58, drive over the Deception Creek bridge, past the Deception Creek trailer park, and turn right onto Deception Creek road. Drive about 50 yards to the trailhead, which looks like this:

2. The first mile follows the river; its easy and groovy. After crossing a wooden bridge at the river fork, the trail starts seriously climbing. Parts were super slippery with snow and mud; I regret not bring trekking poles.

3. The summit is densely forested and the views are anticlimactic. For better views with less work, check-out Mount June.


One Response to “Notes on Deception Butte, OR”

  1. halawest Says:

    hey cousin,Troy here in the USVI,i really think you’d like the hiking here on St.Croix and over on St.John,both islands have eco-resorts and great hiking and kayaking oppurtunities,take care

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