Compressing Time


 In 2007, I used my digital camera (a Canon PowerShot) to create a large pile of new media. According to iPhoto, I recorded 1,537 photographs, which averages to about 4+ new images every day. In order to objectively visualize my 2007 photographic habits, I created a video which compresses all my 2007 media into just three minutes and five seconds.

In the high-resolution (original) version, each photograph is shown for three frames at thirty frames per second. That’s 1/10 of a second per image. If each photograph was taken with a 1/100 average shutter speed, then this video is about ten times slower than reality. Despite this “slow” speed, the video is almost impossible to visually digest.


2 Responses to “Compressing Time”

  1. Sister Says:

    It’s the modern Christmas letter and I love it!

  2. Kynthia Says:

    wow that is fun.

    it’s interesting how some of the pictures seemed to stick out longer, and i think that sometimes it was because the video was choppy, but sometimes it was because i had seen them before and my brain was like – “Hey! I know that one! Hold on!”

    i also got all excited when i was in the pictures, or when i knew what was coming up — “ooh! ooh! san diego will be soon! watch!”

    i like.

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