SC07 Day 6


This morning, David Shaw gave a talk titled “Toward Millisecond-scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Proteins” Last year, David’s group released Desmond, a computational simulation of molecular dynamics. Desmond has many applications, including simulations of protein fold behavior. This year, David’s talk focused on the future of Desmond, which apparently involves Anton, a supercomputer specialized for running Desmond.

After a long lunch with Maryrose and afternoon chit-chat with the ASC folks, I found myself at the Grand Sierra Resort for the SC07 Technical Party. Blue Man Group (BMG) performed a short 30-minute show, which was more entertaining than I expected. In a nutshell, BMG is like the offspring of french performance art with American rock and roll.


2 Responses to “SC07 Day 6”

  1. Carol Parish Says:

    Hey. Nice blog. Did D.E. Shaw indicate whether or not Desmond is available now for academic users and if so how to get it? thanks

  2. Victor Says:

    Unfortunately, Shaw did not mention anything about Desmond’s availability. The 2006 publication (at Supercomputing) says they “plan to release” the software “soon.” A cursory Google search does not uncover any downloadable versions of Desmond. The pessimist in me suspects that “D.E. Shaw Research LLC” is less than keen about the release of their proprietary gem (Desmond), especially when investor interests are considered.

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