SC07 Day 5




One Response to “SC07 Day 5”

  1. Kynthia Says:

    i know it is rather gauche to comment here after your thought-provoking reportage of the rest of the week, but this one is my favorite. i’m a sucker for those moments when one word says it all.

    i shall now blatantly disregard the aesthetic that led me here, however, and coopt this forum for logistical commentary. 🙂

    i don’t know when you’re getting back in, but give a shout if you want to collapse on my floor and/or engage in various recreational opportunities. tonight is lauren and tif’s birthday celebration, sunday sharon is making seasonally appropriate foodstuffs, and sometime this weekend the local golden cafe folks are agatherin’, so that’s what’s on the board at the concierge desk of this particular portland hotel, in case such things are tempting to the visiting dr. yes.

    and on a keyword tangent from that thought i also say – i realized in the “ok brain, breathe now” moment of my flight last weekend that packing and cooking distracted me from responding to your news with the appropriate reflection of commiseration and fun. hopefully you found what you needed in one or more of the many shiny surfaces of reno, but regardless, whether this be the weekend or not, before i leave the state i shall walk with you, and buy you a drink, and be a clearer mirror for whatever is there at the time.

    speaking of mirrors, i just noticed your blog footer, and in so doing i saw myself smiling back at me.

    see you soon-like.

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