SC07 Day 1


Today I traveled to Supercomputing 2007 (SC07) in Reno, Nevada. (Julian, Heather, Kynthia: Thanks for being great Portland hosts.)

On the flight from Portland to Reno, I met Gayle Gregory.  Thanks for the energy work!

Being in Nevada, gambling devices are everywhere. I am staying in the Atlantis Casino and Resort, which is the mother-hive for shiny gambling machines. The lobby says, “Blink. Beep. Ring. Ca-ching.” Basically, this is a seizure-inducing Hell. (See the photo below).

Tonight was the student voluneer (SV) dinner – which involved an hour bus ride to Lake Tahoe and a dinner cruise on the Tahoe Queen. The dinner was delicious (however, it was a vegan nightmare because none of the food was labeled).  On the return bus ride, I had a good conversation with Sarat Sreepathi about computationally modeling the dispersion of environmental pollutants in bodies of water.  (To be accurate, Sarat deals with the inverse problem of finding the source of existing contaminants). Sarat’s problem is impossible to directly solve, and thus requires sophisticated heuristics which are very similar to problems I face with evolutionary simulations.


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