City planning makes a difference.


I had low expectations for Livermore, CA. I was scared by visions of strip malls and tract homes. Instead, I discovered a healthy community with a thriving town center (it’s pedestrian-friendly!). Today I walked around Livermore and found trendy coffeshops, appealing thrift stores, and tempting organic markets. This town boasts a local symphony, a Hindu temple, and an impressive public library. Wow!

Why is Livermore unlike most NorCal towns? I see three reasons:

  1. Downtown Livermore is people-centric. The streets are lined with storefronts, not parking lots.
  2. The largest employer is Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This makes the average citizenry intelligent, vibrant, and sophisticated.
  3. Money, money, money. Livermore is an escape from San Francisco. . . for better and for worse. The 2007 median Livermore income is $96,632.

I’m here until September. Come visit and we’ll have fun.


2 Responses to “City planning makes a difference.”

  1. chacoman Says:

    It’s clear you are planning some grand gourmet meal. Maybe with some morels from Oregon and onions from Onion Valley prepared with olive oil from a Nalgene or .5 liter water bottle.

  2. chacoman Says:

    I am afraid those onions from Onion Valley will have to be carmelized or just plain fried.

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