Little Green Men


Today was the UFO festival, in McMinnville Oregon. The festival is a good opportunity to wrap yourself in aluminum foil and dye your hair green. Although the focus is UFOs, I saw plenty of Klingons, storm troopers, and golden retrievers dressed as aliens. Basically, today was an anachronistic blend of Mardi Gras beads, garish hippie hats, and left-over supplies from my sixth grade science fair.

Jon joined me, and we rendezvous-ed with Kynthia and Tiffanie. The four of us made a well-balanced group. There was much hilarity with cameras, water gun hijinx, and a little existential ennui. Earl joined us for lunch, and I much appreciated his laid-back Southern attitude.

After the festival, I have more questions than answers:

Click here for more photos.


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